Trial access to Cambridge Higher Education Textbook

Trial access to Cambridge Higher Education Textbook has been set up for Brac University. All users who use the internet under the Institute’s IP range, would be able to access the Textbook directly without any user ID or Password. However, it is recommended that you register on Cambridge Higher Education platforms and create a username password for yourself.


Textbooks are available through Cambridge Higher Education platform cover subjects across Science, Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Medicine and Humanities, and the Social Sciences.


Trial ends: 31st December 2022


Access Details

• Login Details
     On-Campus: No User ID or Password Required
     Off-Campus: Athens ID and Password Required
• Authorized Users
     This service is available to faculty, staff, and students of BRAC University
Access URL of Cambridge Higher Education Textbook:


Key Highlights of HE Platform:


  • No restriction in terms of number of users, unlimited concurrent users can access simultaneously
  • Most of the titles come equipped with resources for Students and Faculty – Slides & Instructor Manuals. Instructor manual requests are normally completed in 2 to 3 working days. Please visit your account page to view the status of your resource requests
  • Books can also be accessed offline via the Cambridge Spiral App available across platforms – Windows, Android and iOS (
  • A user can download and read 20 books at a given time without internet in his/her bookshelf
  • Books are printable (up to 15%)
  • Users can “annotate, highlight and bookmark”; they can also make ‘notes

User guides and Videos

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