Information Literacy and Classes


BRAC University Library offers a number of programs throughout the year to assist students, researchers and faculty members in developing research skills and to use the full range of information resources available at the library. Our objective is to promote user understanding and use of information in the discovery, creation and transmission of knowledge to enhance their academic experience and lifelong learning. Library is also creating subject specific Research Guides and Online Tutorials for the users on the library website.

The following library sessions and workshops are conducted by the library.

Face-to-face assistance

Available via Zoom or Google Meet on request, 9am-5pm Sunday- Thursday for All Discipline areas & Year Levels. This session will be available for individual users by appointment to assist them for fulfilling their needs.

Online Drop-in Sessions:

All Discipline areas & Year Levels.
Online drop-in sessions are open to all BRAC University students (undergraduate and postgraduate) and faculty from each discipline area. The librarian will assist students, faculty, researchers with finding resources for their assignment and research or information on how to reference, and to develop skills beyond the basics. The details of the Programs are given below:

Library Orientation Sessions
A quick overview of the library and its services, spaces and resources tailored for new students. Library can provide sessions for students online or onsite.
Target Group: Freshers
Average Session Length: 10-15 minutes


One-hour Library Sessions/Workshops
Overviews of discipline-specific collections and research practices, working in conjunction with faculty requests.
Target Group: First Year to Final Year Students, Researchers, Faculty members
Average Session Length: One-hour sessions, 15-minute Q/A
Contents covered:
  • ​Introduction to the library website
  • Users will learn the access points to library services & resources.
  • Finding Books and Other Items in the Catalog
  • This part will focus on how to find books, eBooks, journal articles   and other research materials in the library catalogue.
  • Formulating Information Search Strategies
  • Finding Articles with Databases
  • Find out how databases can make your academic research more productive and efficient. Learn about choosing a database, limiting your results in useful ways, and locating articles.
  • Finding previous theses and other projects
  • This will help students to find previous projects, internship reports, thesis and thesis templates.
  • Advanced Search Techniques
  • The “advanced search” option in most search tools gives multiple ways of controlling what results users will get before they even hit the “search” button. This session will focus on ways of narrowing or expanding their search results in the library catalog and online journals databases.
  • Evaluating Internet Resources
  • This session will help users determine how credible a website or page is by asking questions about its authorship, purpose, and timeliness.

Workshop on Subject Specific Research Database
Participants are introduced to subject databases, resources, and will learn basic to advance search strategies and techniques relevant to conducting research within a specific discipline or field of study. Each workshop is tailored to the specific objectives of the class and content reflects assignment requirements and research expectations.
Target Group: First Year to Final Year Students, Researchers, Faculty members
Average Session Length: One hour


Citation Management Workshop
Target Group: First Year to Final Year Students, Researchers, Faculty members
Average Session Length: One hour
Why Cite - Learn multiple purposes of citing sources, and why citation is so important to scholars.
How to cite- Learn the basic information needed in any citation, and the main purposes and forms that most citations take
Citation Management Tool –Mendeley and Zotero
This video will explain why it’s a good idea to use a citation management tool, and introduce you to the basic functions of Mendeley and Zotero.
Academic Integrity Workshop
Target Group: First Year to Final Year Students, Researchers, Faculty members
Average Session Length: One hour
The online workshop is for students starting or continuing their studies at BRAC University. 
In this workshop students will learn:
  • What academic integrity means at BRAC University? BRAC University Academic Integrity Policy.
  • Why it is important to present authentic work and acknowledge the work of others
  • How to check similarity into Anti-Plagiarism Tool Turnitin and how to manage account


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