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Welcome to Ayesha Abed Library

The Ayesha Abed Library at BRAC University aims to become a world-class Knowledge Resource Centre and provide innovative new services and a wider collection of books and resources to the teaching, learning and research communities, using latest technological developments of the 21st century. The development, organization and maintenance of archives in multiple locations; access to world class resources; personalized assistance in the use of library and information resources; and instruction on research strategies and tools have made this one of the richest libraries in the country.



The Library's mission is to provide comprehensive resources and services in support of the research, teaching, and learning needs of the University community.



Develop a world-class Knowledge Resource Centre and provide innovative new services and collections to the teaching, learning and research communities, using latest technological developments of 21st century.


Milestones (June 2001- March 2012)


  • June 2001: BRAC University inherited the Ayesha Abed library from BRAC.
  • October 2004: The first customized Library Software BULMS was launched.
  • April 2008: Digital Institutional Repository using Open Source Software Dspace was established- the first university library in Bangladesh with financial support from INASP.
  • March 2009: The Elsevier Foundation awards grant for implementing Integrated Library System (ILS) using open source software Koha. BRAC University was one of the four universities selected by Elsevier from 165 applicants from different countries to receive funding for this project.
  • December 2009: Library Learning Resource Center (LRC), funded by BRAC Bank was established to conduct on session on Information Literacy  and training and workshops for library professionals, staff and faculty and the library was redesigned and renovated.
  • February 2010: Integrated Library System (ILS) using  Koha was launched. BRAC University is the first to introduce MARC 21 and a Complete Integrated Library System Koha in Bangladesh.
  • May 2010: This year BRACU Library has successfully implemented a project entitled “Implementing next generation Open Source Discovery Tool VuFind at BRAC University Libraries”, ( funded by INASP, UK. VuFind is open source software which was selected as the preferred Search and Discovery interface for BRAC University Libraries. The project duration was May 2010 to January 2011. / BRAC University Library has successfully completed this discovery tool project with financial support from INASP, UK.
  • January 2011: The first Open Source Discovery Tool Project in BangladeshVuFind  was launched.
  • March 2011: Free wireless Internet access is available at all library floors.
  • October 2011: Celebrated this International Open Access Week first time in Bangladesh by announcing a number of awards and conducting a seminar on Open Access and Institutional Repository.
  • October 2011: BRAC University Library introduced the first-ever Radio Frequency Identification System in Bangladesh.
  • January 2012: Library has completed  its new Drupal-based web site (free and open source content management system).
  • February 2012: BRAC University Library offers SMS Service – the first in Bangladesh.
  • April 2013: BRAC University Library introduced mobile website.


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