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Library Access Policy for External Members

The Ayesha Abed Library at Brac University aims to become a world-class knowledge resource center and provide innovative services and collections to support academics and research activities of the university community. Apart from this, to fulfill the mission of the university and to facilitate good public relations and promote community engagement, Ayesha Abed Library of Brac University has been trying to strengthen and expand its collections and its services to the external community who are not the students, researchers or member of the university.

Like the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), BRAC University Library also believes that increasing access to information and knowledge across society, assisted by the availability of information and communications technologies (ICTs), supports sustainable development and improves people’s lives. Brac University is also trying to contribute to improve outcomes across the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by:

  • Enabling access to scholarly research output and knowledge and maintain the required technical infrastructure for accessing these resources.  Brac University Ayesha Abed Library has set up an Institutional Repository (IR) ( to manage, preserve and disseminate research outputs generated by BRACU faculty, students, and researchers.  The total numbers of theses, dissertation, annual report, article, internship report, BRAC publications etc. are 13063.  It enhances the visibility and impact of research outputs available in Brac University Institutional Repository to local, national, and international communities. Established in 2007, BracU IR ( can be accessible to all except few restricted items of Architecture Department but if the students from other Institutes come with their proper ID along with a forwarding letter from his supervisor, library give them access to see the previous thesis of Architecture Department.
  • The items available through IR site are Thesis, Internship Report, Research Report, BracU Faculty Publications, BracU E-Bulletin etc. to all without any charge.
  • Video lectures on some courses taught in Brac University are available in YouTube.
  • A collection page for BRAC Research and Evaluation (RED) Archive has been created into Brac University Institutional Repository. A total of 601 documents including 151 Economic Studies, 231 Health Studies, 191 Social Studies and 15 other documents received, scanned and archived in to Brac University Institutional Repository for all. Any researchers, students or anyone access these documents with full-text. They can download it free of charge and can use for their research and contribute to the society.
  • Brac University Savar Campus offers free tutorial classes on mathematics, English and computing for the local underprivileged children as they cannot afford tutors, and often face difficulties to understand the content in regular classes in their school, As a part of this initiative, these school children are also getting free access to resources and access to computers. This is an initiative to help them improve their understanding on those subjects. Brac University also provides free Chinese Language Courses along with free resources for the underprivileged children to pursue academic and professional avenues in China in future as well as enhance the university students’ leadership and communication skill.
  • Book distribution: Brac University runs a unique program in which it collects books from different organizations, BracU faculties and students. These donated books are distributed to various organizations that work with underprivileged children. 


Library Access Policy for External Members

Brac University Library always welcome users to its libraries from within the University, researchers and students from other educational institutions, and the general public with a special permission. The external users needs to follow the following procedure for library access:

  • All external users must carry valid identification and for students of other universities need to bring a letter from his/her supervisors with details of his purpose to use the library for his research.
  • The letter has to be approved by University Librarian or Registrar or Pro-Vice Chancellor and other staff on request.
  • Users must carry a valid ID (National ID and Students/Staff ID) and temporary Library Card, which will serve as a form of identification and a means of access to services and facilities. This Temporary Library ID Card is not transferable.
  • Users who exhibit an offensive or disruptive behavior may be denied access to the library for a period of time determined by the Library. They are also expected to respect the peace and quiet environment in the Library.
  • All external users are expected to abide by all relevant University rules and follow health and safety measures determined by the University.


Hasina Afroz, University Librarian

10 November 2020

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