SciFinder-n Trial Activation

The trial access to SciFinder-n has been set up for Brac University. All users who use the internet under the Institute’s IP range, would be able to access SciFinder-n directly with user ID and Password. To use SciFinder, you must first register to create a personal account, using a valid Brac University email addressSciFinder-n is made possible by the global network of CAS scientists analyzing and organizing the world's publicly disclosed chemistry and related scientific information that is the foundation of SciFindern. This unparalleled human curation, coupled with the latest innovations in technology and cognitive computing capabilities enable SciFindern to provide the best possible answers to scientific inquiry.

Scifinder-n access is available only to current faculty, staff, and students of Brac University


Trial ends: 25th November 2019


Access information:

On-Campus Access: User ID & Password Required

Off-Campus Access: Not Available


Registration URL of SciFinder-n:

Access URL of SciFinder-n:


SciFindern has many new features that will accellerate your research and enable you to do more!



Don’t have access to Full Text Journals but need Reaction Methods? Use MethodsNow!


SciFindern created MethodsNow so you don’t need to get the full text article for the reaction data you’re looking for – we have taken it out from literature where a fully described, step-by-step procedure has been published, along with any characterization data available. This includes when the synthesis was not published in English – we have translated it into English so it is now discoverable. See how MethodsNow works with a video at this link:



Need to find Chemistry and Compounds in Patents? Use PatentPak!


If you are looking for prior art because use wish to write your own patent, then searching through the world’s patent literature is mandatory. But where do you start? What if the patent is in a foreign language? Use PatentPak today to drastically speed up and simplify your patent searching across millions of patents from 46 patent offices. See how PatentPak works with a video at this link:



Want to see every pathway to Synthesizing a Compound? Use the Retrosynthesis Planner!


Sometimes the best way to synthesizing a compound, be it organic, inorganic, natural compound or polymer, is to be able to pick and choose the pathway yourself. Use the Retrosynthesis Planner to do this, whereby you can pick the synthesis route to best fit your lab, your budget, your starting materials and the conditions you prefer. See how the Planner works with a video at this link:



Need to Search for a Compound by Structure? Use the Structure Editor!


Sometimes the only way to search for journal literature is via the structure of a compound, because chemical names and synonym is often missing or incomplete. Thankfully with SciFindern you can do just that – search across more than 50 million journal references and 150 million compounds via the structure of the compound. See how Structure Searching works with a video at the link:


Please see below the quick reference guide of SciFinder-n


We value your feedback on this trial. Please share your views by sending email to


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